Coding Challenge

          Coding is one of the most boring topics that I think from last year after seeing cohort 1 doing coding and it was so messy and looking so annoying for me. After learning an essential(Multimedia/Technology), I started to get more ideas about coding and now I feel that I really want to improve on. Everyone knows that coding is hard, but whenever that think of coding, I feel that I really love it and really want to get better at coding. During this round, there is a coding challenge that Cindy assign us to do coding and one of the challenges that I chose is turtle racing. There are so many problems and there are so many challenges that I have to take and learn how to do all of those. I learned a lot of things from this project and one of the things that I learned from this project it applies to team working. I can say that Nirorn and I worked with each other even though we do not know if you allow us to work with each other or not. Nirorn and I have to work with each other because we want to improve more in teamwork skills along with that both of us isn’t so good at this skill. We learn a lot with each other and we have to brain and teamwork make everything work and even though we didn’t finish all of the challenges, but we both happy with what we have right now. 

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