Identity | Monster book

          English literacy theme for this round 3 was about identity. This theme was so excited for me just after a few days I learn in this lesson. one of the projects that we have is to read the book that related to identity which I chose a book called Monster. At first, I almost give up with this book, because it is so difficult to remember the character’s name. There are over 20 characters in the book and it is so hard to remember all of their name and their role in the book. I talked with Hannah(my English Literacy facilitator) and she gave me a lot of good start with this book and I did some flash card on Quizzlet and I started to put everything that I have to remember all of the character’s name and role. I rate myself that I was doing so good that I can’t describe and this is a life skill for me to keep it in my head forever and that is not to give up unless I try all of my best to do it. This book (Monster) is a really good book for us to read, but I recommend you to have a note of all the characters(as I mention) in the book because there are a lot of characters in the book and a lot of them should be recognized by you and remember all of them and what is their role in the book. The one that willing to be a lawyer, you should read this book. In the book, there are a lot of strategies for the lawyer and the strategies of argument. 

Cover of Monster

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Argumentative Essay

On the second round of the year 2018-2019 in the Liger Leadership Academy, we are having a really cool topic for this round to be learning about. Our theme for this round is about argumentative essay which we will be writing an essay that can be augmenting. In a essay, we need to have the Hook, Background Information, Idea Development & Support(sources) and Conclusion at last. I have been working so hard on this essay because to finish this essay, it might take me a lot of time in order to make this essay perfectly. My topic that I chosen is about gender equality. This topic is very stressful for me but because of my interested it prevent me a way to get out of my comfort zone. I have found out that gender equality is a really interesting topic for me to write it out. Even though I haven’t finish this essay yet, but you will see it in the next post which is the post after round three.

English Literacy

Environment Injustice/Pollution

We been learning about Environment Injustice/Pollution and we also having the reflection after this lesson and these are the words that I would want to share with you all:

          Air pollution is still a problem that most of the place have. Burning plastic is a really huge cause of air pollution. In my community there are a lot of trash bin and people are starting to keep their trash until there is a lot of trash and they burn it once. There was one day that a lot of kid get sick because of breathing the polluted air into their body and after that many of the villager are starting to reduce using place and burning plastic. Even Though they do that but there still a lot of plastic got burn and used. Many kids got polluted by the environment and it is unjust for them. When the technology growing higher pollution in the world are also grow as high as technology. Even some of the organization that already know what have happened in my community, they haven’t care about that yet. To stop this problem in my community, wee all together must have to stop burning plastic first after we stop using plastic instead.

          Water pollution is a really huge pollution exist in Cambodia. Many people are throwing trash into the water, many boats and ship are transporting oil from place to place and when the oil spills into the ocean or water resources many fish and living organism in the water will died property. Ocean is one of my favorite place to visit and many tourism are also like to hangout along the beach. If the sea’s water isn’t clean and contain a lot of trash and oil and many fish died over there do you think that they want to come and see again? No ways. When the tourist are getting low in that place people who make the business near that dirty ocean such as seller and many more businesses, their economic will getting lower and lower as the tourist getting low too.