This round in math class was so amazing because I can learn what I want to learn. The percentage is very important that everyone should understand how it’s working and ways that we can figure out the percentage of a number of something. We deeply focused on a lot of interesting strategies about finding Percentage in different ways that the problem gives. We also have a test on this lesson and I did so well on the test and I think that I have shown a lot of improvement with this lesson which is percentage. We will be using a lot of percentage with our daily life including discount and many more. After this lesson end, we also learn about Angle. Angle is when to line met together at one point. 

Volume of Rectangle Prisms

On this school round, math class has to focus on a lesson called Volume of Rectangle Prisms. The volume of Rectangle Prisms might be a really easy lesson for us to learn if we know the formula. The formula of finding the volume of the rectangle prism is width time height time length = volume of rectangle prisms(shortcut = V equal to W x H x L).

We were having a Volume of Rectangle Prisms test on and it was so amazing for me. Some questions were so fast that I have to use the time very wisely and do all the math on my paper and I have to do a lot multiplying. After the test and I look at my score, it so impressed for me! I got a very good scored on this test. 


Khan Challenge

On Thursday 31st January, Samantha had assigned us to research one of the topics that related to Pre-algebra course in Khan Academy. After we choose our topic, we have to teach that topic to our teams. I was really interested in a topic related to adding a negative number.   

negative numbers from 1 to 4

When we add negative numbers and negative numbers together, the number won’t get a bigger number, but the number is started to decrease as we add a negative number together. Let’s say that we start the number from Zero. When we talk about positive numbers, it will go to the right count from Zero and a negative number will go to the left from Zero. If we add a negative number together just like we have negative 2 plus with negative 2 it will become negative 4. We already have negative 2  that count from Zero to the left and if we add another negative 2 which mean that we have added two number to the left and it will become negative 4.    


Finishing level 5A

Primary Mathematics is our workbook and student book to learn in the Mathematics essential. We have started from level 4A to 4B and we are now working on 5A. We started to learn level 5A at the beginning of the third year(August 2018) of the school academic. It is now November 2018 and we are on the last lesson on the book. I feel really surprise I worked on this book for only 4 months. You might think that 4 months is long, but for me it is not I just open my eyes and close my eyes back and I just finish the 5A and I want to say that I really appreciate myself that I can finish a whole math book in 4 months. 



Khan Academy

In the second year of school Academic, in Math class, Alli have introduced a Website to the junior cohort which is In the website, we have courses and the course that everyone must have is Arithmetic. Our facilitator can put the assignment for us to work on and they can see how much hours or minutes that we were working on Khan Academy. This website is a really helpful website which is we can choose another course of more to work on and for the example, I had chosen another course which Grammar.   


As we come to Liger, Math is one of my favorite subject areas in Liger. At the beginning of learning Math, we start from a book called “Primary Mathematics” and every junior are starting at the level of 4A and today October 2, 2018 as I write this post, we are now at the level of 5A which we complete the 4A, 4B, and the 5A is in progress. We have been learning a lot of math in this book such as fraction, subtraction, adding, multiply, Division, etc. Every week we always have homework which usually does the lesson review in each unit.  

This “Primary Mathematics” book is originally making change by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. This edition have added new content that has developed by Marshall Cavendish International(Singapore) Private Limited, which is not attributable to the Ministry of Education, Singapore. 

In every class, we all have a facilitator and our facilitator for this Math class is Samantha Cody. We have been learning with Sam for the third year of school a someday in the second year of school. Our first year and second year, Alli Bukys is our facilitator.