Drone Pilot

In the second year of year academic, Jan Krieger had given an opportunity to junior cohort to become a drone pilot as almost all of the senior know how to fly a drone. As that opportunity public, Jan made that opportunity become After School Extension. Jan survey junior cohort who wanted to join The Drone Pilot ASE(After School Extension) and I also involve in that opportunity. Jan selected four students randomly and luckily I have been selected for the ASE. 

For the first day of ASE, we were learning about the drone and how it works. After we already know about the drone, the next day of ASE we were learning about controlling bottoms on the controller and we also try it with the drone as Jan do the example. After that, we were learning to control the drone along until the last day of the round. 

One of the conflicts that I face with the drone without the camera is that when I control it I can’t see the drone and I can’t realize where the drone face to and I must control the drone carefully. The drone without the camera has the problem as I said above and what about the drone with a camera? The drone with the camera still has some conflict. One of my biggest problems is that when we connect the camera to Phone the app have to update and we didn’t know about that and while we fly the drone, the camera is just really bad.