Drone Pilot

In the second year of year academic, Jan Krieger had given an opportunity to junior cohort to become a drone pilot as almost all of the senior know how to fly a drone. As that opportunity public, Jan made that opportunity become After School Extension. Jan survey junior cohort who wanted to join The Drone Pilot ASE(After School Extension) and I also involve in that opportunity. Jan selected four students randomly and luckily I have been selected for the ASE. 

For the first day of ASE, we were learning about the drone and how it works. After we already know about the drone, the next day of ASE we were learning about controlling bottoms on the controller and we also try it with the drone as Jan do the example. After that, we were learning to control the drone along until the last day of the round. 

One of the conflicts that I face with the drone without the camera is that when I control it I can’t see the drone and I can’t realize where the drone face to and I must control the drone carefully. The drone without the camera has the problem as I said above and what about the drone with a camera? The drone with the camera still has some conflict. One of my biggest problems is that when we connect the camera to Phone the app have to update and we didn’t know about that and while we fly the drone, the camera is just really bad.           

How I change Cambodia

Podcast Exploration:

On 22nd January 2018, I was volunteering for Disability Podcast Exploration (DPE) with Sushi Firas. I spent a lot of time brainstorming ideas to make a good podcast that could influence people who are the disability to think positively. I have created a podcast name Accessible Transport in Cambodia.

I really love making a podcast that I could say “hey! 100% I’ll join Podcast Exploration”. I volunteer to join Podcast Exploration and I make my life change! I absolutely ended up becoming a person who influences people who are the disability.  Once I was young, I hoped that I could change disability people’s life. I thought this exploration is the biggest volunteer that I had been in my life and now it’s real. I have to find the solution that people have done that help people with disability.

We have selected three solutions that people have done. One of the solutions that I pick is accessible transport in Cambodia. Accessible transport is a product that produced by Agile Development Group. They decided to call their product  Mobilituk. Mobilituk is a tuk-tuk that has a design with a ramp that people in the wheelchair can access to travel by the Mobilituk. How the Mobilituk help people in the wheelchair? Mobilituk is the first tuk-tuk that accesses for people on the wheelchair to travel around by the long way. The normal tuk-tuk can only contain small things such as begs, foods, etc, but not the motorcycle and etc. The Mobilituk can access with the typical and not typical person too. If you wanna see the Podcast please click on the link.


Yearly Reflection:

At the end of each academic year, this is the first reflection that I have ever done in Liger. Our reflection have to go through the following question: How did I think about the change? How did I raise awareness about necessary change? How did I try to promote and encourage change? How did I develop the possibility of change? And how did I actually create change?

Changing Cambodia:

Cambodia has a lot of problems now, for the following time we have a lot of solutions, but some of the solutions are not available for Cambodia. Changing Cambodia is not easy, but the time has come to us and push us to make a small step of change to make a big change for Cambodia. In this year, I have done many interesting projects that might make changes in Cambodia. Another from projects, I did educate myself about habits and people’s habits is the first way to start change.


2017/2018 Yearly Reflection:

Does anyone know Mark Zuckerberg? Mark Zuckerberg is an American technology entrepreneur who known as leading Facebook. He has changed the world by publication Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s changes don’t take 1 day, but it takes many years! Some people might think that changing the world is easy if we make the product that the world hasn’t done yet, But I am not. “Little by little” is the best way to change Cambodia, Don’t you think like me? Cambodia is now starting to develop from one step to another, but something is going from the best to the worst. Almost all of my change is going through all of my explorations that I have done.

What change from the best to the worst? It is really simple. Do you know how many plastics per day that Phnom Penh made? The estimate of the amount of the plastic in Phnom Penh per day is about 10 thousand tons. From 1998 until now, Cambodia started to use more plastic than before.


Cambodia Geography Book:

In Liger Leadership Academy our junior cohort has the goal of making Cambodia Geography Book and provide them to the government school and other people who interested in Cambodia Geography. We have divided into four regions for each round of exploration and we have 15 juniors in each region of Cambodia. We need to collect all the information of each province such as history, the human system, location in special terms of each province, Physical system, place, and region, and environment and society. We had been working so hard on Geography of Cambodia and now, we have almost reached the end of the Cambodia Geography.


Cambodia Geography region 4:

Liger Leadership Academy has 5 explorations for each student in each year. The 4th exploration that I have is Cambodia Geography region 4 which is the last region in the Cambodia Geography book. The last three regions have many works to redo it again because there are some problems with pieces of information, students prediction and many more. Because of that experiences the last region which is my region have to be really careful about information, and all of our works that important for the Cambodia Geography book. Three weeks have past and this week we need to go on a trip.  And now let’s read my story during the trip! Enjoy.

“Yes! Yes! Tomorrow is the time that I waiting for many months! It’s Geography trip!” I said. Today now, Junior cohort have a really big goal to make the Cambodia Geography Book. I went to four provinces in Cambodia which are Kratie, Stung Treng, Ratanakiri, and Mondulkiri. I sit in the bus almost for 3 hours once the driver is traveling to the first province that we will go. The first province that I will gone to is Kratie province. Hey let’s here one fun fact. My best friend’s hometown is located in Kratie provinces and Kratie province is where I can eat the best orange in Cambodia. Anyway, I still need to get up early to get ready for the trip. “Okay, we now in Kratie province” Our facilitator said. “We arrive!” I said with a big smile. We have gone to many places in Kratie province and we were really fun, tired, and lazy too. “The time move so fast. Isn’t it?” i asked. We are now have already gone for three provinces which are Kratie, Stung Treng, and Ratanakiri we only have one province left to go! I am now could say that the last province(Mondulkiri) is the best province that I have ever gone to. I left Ratanakiri in the evening and arrive Mondulkiri at night. We sleep in a guest house that belong to our facilitator’s friend. “Interesting! We would get discount from this guest house. Wouldn’t it?” I said. Everyone laugh within the facilitator too. In the morning we went to a small restaurant that sell the foods such as Khmer noodle, porridge , and many more. Suddenly my aunt and my uncle is in that small restaurant too. I feel really happy to see them and I hug my aunt, but not my uncle and I don’t know why? Badly, my aunt and my uncle have to go to work soon and they have to say goodbye to me now! “Oh my ghost! You have to go now I want to stay with you longer, but that okay because you have your responsibility to do your work. I’m fine with it” I said. After we eat breakfast, we went to the ministry of culture and fine art of Mondulkiri province. I did a really great job for everything and the facilitator admire me. The next worst place that I will go is Lengtruk waterfall which located in Mondulkiri province and that waterfall is the last place in our geography trip. We have to hike along the mountains, forest to go to that waterfall (Lengtruk). Once we arrived there, we went to take a shower in the waterfall, but not me. Accidentally, I want to go to the other side of the waterfall. There is a road! I can go to the other side now. Once I was walking I slide into the water and I almost drown. I swam back and really angry to myself, I ask myself “Why I slide into the water? That stupid!”. “Now it’s time to eat lunch” my teacher said. I go and take my lunch and take the water too. Finally, once I want to drink the water there aren’t any water in my water bottle. “What happen to me this morning it’s really bad! Today may be the worst day that I ever have in my life!” I said. Our goal is to come back before night time, but we didn’t reached our goal. We sleep in our friend’s house which is Ena’s house. In the morning we came back to school safely.


How the Cambodia Geography Book change Cambodia?

The Cambodia Geography Book is the first Book that junior cohort will public to the government and the world. The Cambodia Geography Book is also the first book in Cambodia that talking all about 24 provinces and a city in Cambodia. People in the world is really good to know about their country. Isn’t it? In Cambodia, Cambodian should be knowing and understanding all the history, region, and many more about their provinces and their country. Why? “Excuse me! Do you know the history of this temple?” person1 said “I don’t know go and ask other.” person2 reply. If you were person 2 will you shy to say that sentence? For me, I will be shy, because You live there and you don’t even know what the history of that thing or place you would be really shy to say I don’t know to them.

The foreigners can also access to read the Cambodia Geography Book because the book is written in English and Khmer. The foreigners and the people who are interested in Cambodia Geography can buy this book and understand about Cambodia too. Now on, Cambodia is starting to develop from step to step and the history of Cambodia is falling down from step to step too. Don’t you think like what I said? This book will add all of the information that talking about the history of each place, provinces, and the history of Cambodia so that the history of Cambodia won’t get away from Cambodian.


Changing myself:

Changing is a really big word for me and for now. To change thing is really difficult for me at all. It’s two years that I have learned in the Liger Leadership Academy and what I have been changed is what I have learned. Today, many things happened before and many things will happen in the future. Habits are the first thing that I face in the first year I begin leaving and learning in the Liger Leadership Academy and I discussed with myself how can I change “me” and how can I change Cambodia.


Black Panther:

Black Panther is an American 2018 film that the first published on 29 January 2018. The Black Panther is the best film that I ever saw in my 13 years old living on the earth and this film is also shown me a thing that all people in the world should do. What will you choose between your country and money? Absolutely for 99.99% of people in the world would say “I pick my country”. What happens if your country is the only country that has one thing that all the countries around the world don’t have? In the movie(Black Panther), Uganda is the only country that has the strongest metal in the world which is vibranium. Killmonger’s father wanted to sell the vibranium to other countries for a big amount of money and Black Panther’s father wanna stop Killmonger’s father not to sell it to other countries by killing Killmonger’s father. By that movie, I started to think about my country and I said “ho! In the future I could take this movie to change my thinking. I can do everything to save my country”.

Khan Academy

In the second year of school Academic, in Math class, Alli have introduced a Website to the junior cohort which is khanacademy.org. In the website, we have courses and the course that everyone must have is Arithmetic. Our facilitator can put the assignment for us to work on and they can see how much hours or minutes that we were working on Khan Academy. This website is a really helpful website which is we can choose another course of more to work on and for the example, I had chosen another course which Grammar.   


As we come to Liger, Math is one of my favorite subject areas in Liger. At the beginning of learning Math, we start from a book called “Primary Mathematics” and every junior are starting at the level of 4A and today October 2, 2018 as I write this post, we are now at the level of 5A which we complete the 4A, 4B, and the 5A is in progress. We have been learning a lot of math in this book such as fraction, subtraction, adding, multiply, Division, etc. Every week we always have homework which usually does the lesson review in each unit.  

This “Primary Mathematics” book is originally making change by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. This edition have added new content that has developed by Marshall Cavendish International(Singapore) Private Limited, which is not attributable to the Ministry of Education, Singapore. 

In every class, we all have a facilitator and our facilitator for this Math class is Samantha Cody. We have been learning with Sam for the third year of school a someday in the second year of school. Our first year and second year, Alli Bukys is our facilitator.        


Liger Leadership Academy

Liger Leadership Academy (LLA) educates the promising youth of today to develop socially conscious, entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow. We provide a residential scholarship program for economically disadvantaged students that combines a comprehensive, internationally competitive education with an innovative STEM and entrepreneurship curriculum. Liger believes a meaningful investment in the right few will change the lives of many.

Liger Leadership Academy

Liger Leadership Academy (LLA) educates the promising youth of today to develop socially conscious, entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow. We provide a residential scholarship program for economically disadvantaged students that combines a comprehensive, internationally competitive education with an innovative STEM and entrepreneurship curriculum. Liger believes a meaningful investment in the right few will change the lives of many.

Community Documentary

On August 20th, 2018 every single Junior are getting their new exploration and I was in an exploration called “Community Documentary”. The main purpose of our exploration is to document the information each of the four villages which are Srey Sompong, Tropang Leap, Chrok Popul, and Prey Onse village in order to preserve that information for our next generation of children. In this exploration, we have four final product to present to you all which are Documentary film, Gallery book, Podcast, and Blog. I am a member of two people which is the Podcast team. We have been to the community which is located in Kampong Speu province three times, the first trip is called pre-trip which we interviewed the villagers to get to know the main potential in the village and other basic information to prepare for our second trip which was the main trip. During this second trip, we started the process of documenting, for an instant; the podcast team will start to record, the photo team will start to take pictures, etc. When we come back, we took the recordings, pictures, videos, and information that we got to put in together in order to create the final product.  For podcast team, we started to edit the recordings in audacity, a desktop application with our skills that we have learned at the beginning of our exploration. We cut out the sounds that are bad and information which are not necessary or does not fit into our themes which are development, agriculture and human life. We also needed to record the four village chief’s speech into English for our English podcasts, since we need both languages for each podcast. Therefore, it seems that we spend much time in the recording studio and edit our podcasts, but we still complete our products on time and that makes me really proud of myself 

Link for Podcast: 

Development in Cambodia (Khmer): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7VWrrcldJQ&t=14s

Development in Cambodia (English): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pp1k1npXf_0

Human Life (Khmer) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGGqFRg44Kg

Human Life (English): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LsYnV3er4I

Agriculture in Cambodia (Khmer) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Zw6sclKH44

Agriculture in Cambodia (English) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcZzcRfc9rA